Sub-Headings of The Congress

    1. State, caliphate, reign, the provisions to set light to the basis and principles of administration in Islamic jurisprudence
    2. Administration basis and principles of Islamic state during our prophet and four caliphs period
      1. Our Prophet Period
      2. Hulafa-i Rashidin Period
    3. Administration procedures and principles of Islamic world state established in history
      1. Umayyad
      2. Caliphate of Cordoba
      3. Abbasids
      4. Mamluks
      5. Seljuk Empire
      6. Timurid Empire
      7. Safavid dynasty
      8. Ayyubids
      9. Ottomans
    4. Administration procedures and principles of empires established in history
      1. Roman Empire
      2. British Empire
    5. Current state administration types
      1. Central administration principles
      2. Decentralized administration principles
    6. Current multinational states, union and organizations
      1. UN Organization
      2. EU Organization
      3. USA Administration System
      4. Russia Independent States Administration System
      5. South Africa Republic
      6. African Union Organization
      7. Gulf Cooperation Organization
      8. Islamic Union Organization
    7. Administration types of Muslim states recognized by un organization and common features of their administration
    8. Muslim states union administration principles and bodies (congress report)
      1. Islamic Union Administration Bodies
      2. Regional Islamic Union Administration Bodies
Last modified on 12 Feb 2017