2017 - 2023 ASSAM Islamic Union Model Congresses 02 Mar 2024

2017 - 2023 ASSAM Islamic Union Model Congresses

One of the aims of ASSAM was to present a model for the institutions required for Islamic Countries to gather under a common will and the fundamental and principles of organization of these institutions.

A model has emerged as a result of a series of studies conducted between 2017 and 2023, among which 7 international congresses stand out.

This model is not a must, indispensable, and not the only solution. It is one of the models. Many other people or institutions; It can also create much different, more efficient, more likely to be successful, more applicable and practical models. ASSAM carried out this activity to fill a gap, attract public attention, and present a solution for decision makers.

The whole world agrees that the international system, far from establishing justice, is the main source of today's problems... There are various views on the solution. However, there is no comprehensively examined solution proposal like ASSAM.

Although it was seen as utopian by various groups when ASSAM first announced its Islamic Union Model work, today, as a result of Israel's Occupation of Palestine escalating to genocide, the Model ASRICA Confederation Islamic Union is appreciated by everyone.

With the study conducted between 2017 and 2023;

  1. A Model proposal has been put forward for Islamic Countries to form a Union,
  2. It was envisaged The Islamic Union would be realized that Islamic Countries would be as members of regional Federations affiliated with a Confederation,
  3. The Organizational Fundamental and Principles of the Model Islamic Union were established,
  4. The Organizational Structure of the Model Islamic Union was created,
  5. A Model Constitution has been created for the Model Islamic Union,

Details about this study are published comprehensively on the website https://assamcongress.com

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