3rd International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress Declarations Book is Published

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Of the 193 States that are members of the United Nations Organization, 61 (31% of the number of members) are Muslim countries.
1.85 Billion of the World Population of 7.632 billion (24.1% of the World Population) is the people of Muslim States, 30.9 million Km2 of the world land which is 150 million Km2 (20.6% of the Lands) are the lands of 61 Islamic Countries.
ISLAMIC WORLD which owns 55.5% of the world's oil reserves,65% of its production also 64.1% of natural gas reserves, 1 40% of its production; It has the potential to be the superpower of the future in ASRICA (ASIA-AFRICA) by combining its geopolitical position, common civilization values and  historical background with its opportunities, efforts and goals.

Today , the states that consists the Islamic World are the countries whose territory is most interfered with, which engage the United Nations the most, where terrorism and anarchy are not lacking in their territory, whose resources are managed by foreign powers, where human rights and freedoms are violated, where income distribution is corrupt, where political, social and economic instability prevails, and who demand and need the help and support of external power centers to solve their internal problems.

States are created for the establishment of JUSTICE. Justice requires Power. Therefore, internal security and external defense must be carried out from the center. The representation of States in front of Foreign states should also be done from the center. It means that the state has been established in a geography dominated by a common will where Justice, Internal Security, Defense Against Foreign Affairs and Foreign affairs are centrally managed.

In addition to these four main fields of activity, ASSAM considers that DEFENSE INDUSTRY PRODUCTION should be among the main activities that states should carry out from the center, together with the government style and economy.

The procedures and principles of establishing a system that will be self-sufficient in the production of defense industry products that all Islamic geography needs and that will find and use technology above world standards should be determined.

One of the leading conditions of independence and being a sovereign power is that the weapons they use are their own weapons. With someone else's weapon; National interests cannot be protected, the security, peace and welfare of countries cannot be guaranteed, states cannot be regarded as sovereign in their countries, they cannot stand up against the countries where they use their weapons. Therefore, for the Islamic world to gather under a will, it is a must to produce the arms, tools and ammunition of needs with the most advanced technology of the time.

According to 2019 data, the annual world defense expenditure is ONE TRILLION 770 BILLION dollars. 716 BILLION DOLLARS of Total Expenditure is from USA, 224 BILLION DOLLAR from China, 191 BILLION DOLLAR from 61 ISLAMIC Countries.
In the volume of the Defense Budget, the ISLAMIC World is in the THIRD place. The Islamic world ranks first in the world with 28,760 tanks, 84,063 armored vehicles, 26,184 cannons and 2,577 warships. It is also in the second rank in the world after the United States with 10,986 fighter jets and 3,937 helicopters.

Islamic World is also in third rank behind the United States and China in military force.
If it produces the defense industry products used itself and considering the geography it has, it can reach the SUPERPOWER POSITION that give direction to the world. For this, defense industry products inventory preparation, determination of needs, storage and distribution, renovation, modernization, scrap - debris - run-down material separation, recovery and recycling must be managed from the center.

TO REALIZE THE DESIGN OF ASSAM ISLAMIC UNION; The administrative organization of the authorized levels of the defense industry in the Confederation of the Islamic Union, the Regional Federations connected to it and the National States that will be affiliated to them; the distribution of every force and class defense industry product in accordance with federations and national states affiliated to the confederation; In the regions of the main and subcontractors of defense industry production, the R&D, STANDARDIZATION, CERTIFICATION, ACCREDITATION, CODIFICATION and MAINTENANCE and REPAIR centers related to the defense industry production; placing defense industry education in the curricula of vocational schools and universities; It needs to be examined and determined scientifically.

On 19-20 December 2019, 28 papers sent in full text from 44 papers presented in 12 sessions in two separate halls were presented to the public by 45 academics from 10 countries at the "3rd International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress" themed "ASRİKA Joint Defense Industry Production", which was carried out with the participation of representatives from 45 Islamic Countries.
I would like to thank our esteemed scientists who presented declarations in our congress and gave the opportunity to create this book by sending the full texts of their presentations, the participants who honored our congress representing 45 Islamic countries, and the ASSAM members who contributed to the preparation of this book, and I wish our book to be beneficial.


Adnan Tanrıverdi
ASSAM President of Board of Directors

Last modified on 23 Dec 2020

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